Conference Venue

PacificVis 2012 will be held in Stony Brook CEWIT Korea, located in Incheon Free Trade Zone (IFEZ) of Songdo, Incheon, Korea, which is an area of vital geographic importance. Fifty-one major cities in China, Japan, Taiwan and Korea, with a population of over 1 million, are within a 3.5-hour flight distance from Incheon International Airport. A total of 1.5 billion people, almost one-third the world’s population, reside in the countries surrounding Songdo. In Particular, Tokyo and Shanghai are within an hour distance by air. Songdo boasts superior geographic access to all destinations in Northeast Asia.

Convenient Traffic networks to nearby areas


  • Located 60km from Seoul, Songdo is connected to major domestic traffic networks, including the KTX Express Railway at Gwangmyung and Gimpo Airport, enabling fast and convenient travel to any part of Korea.
  • 20 minutes by car from Incheon International Airport
  • 60 minutues by car from downtown Seoul
  • Directly connected to Seoul Metropolital Area and its environs via an extensive subway system


SUNY Korea Residence Hall at the conference venue
(US $120 for 4 nights, Check-in: Feb 27, Check-out: March 2):

** Only 6 rooms are available as of Feb. 20, 2012

SUNY Korea Residence Hall is a brand-new building conveniently located at the conference venue. Rooms are clean, but quite small (dorm room size). Each room has a private shower & bath-room. Yet, it is a good choice for students or someone on a tight budget. Please note that each room can only accommodate a single guest. This accommodation option includes 4-night stay at SUNY Korea Residence Hall. Please note that one-time bed-sheet and towels are provided but no daily housekeeping is available. For administrative reasons, we cannot allow you to pay for a partial stay.

Seoul Seoul Seoul

Sheraton Incheon Hotel
(KRW 140,000 for a deluxe room, KRW 195,000 for a club deluxe room):

We arranged special rates with Sheraton Incheon Hotel. This hotel is just about 2 miles away from the conference venue. To make a reservation, please fill this form and fax it to +82-32-835-1369.
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Electricity and Voltage

Korea uses the Europlug-compatible standard with 220V/60Hz. Make sure your electronic devices are compatible and have right powerplug adapters. You may purchase a powerplug adapter at Incheon International Airport once you arrive. Some hotels may provide one at your request


Other Expenses

(For your convenience, all costs are written in US Dollar unless stated otherwise. However, stores and public transportations do NOT usually accept foreign currency)

Meal Cost

  • $8 - $25 per meal (Korean or Western food)


  • Bus (30mins, From Incheon Airport to Songdo) : ~$10
  • Taxi (20mins, From Incheon Airport to Songdo) : ~$40
  • Subway or bus (90mins, From Songdo to Seoul) : $1 - $2
  • Taxi (60mins, From Songdo to Seoul) : ~ $50 - $60

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